Looking back - 1900s

If you walk into the "classic view" seen on the previous page and look back, you'll see the views on this page. The earliest photo dates from the early 1900s.
Looking back - 1930s

Early 1930s. The brick building in the distance near the centre of this picture is the United Reformed Chapel. Further to the right is The Fox Inn.
Looking back - 1950s

As hunts usually seem to gather round the pub, I guess the third view, dating from the 1950s, shows such an event. The lack of foliage on the trees reveals a large dwelling called Prospect House (to the left of the picture). On the other side of the road is Prospect Cottage.
Looking back - 1950s

Another 1950s view shows the old Workhouse again (left foreground). Compare the end wall of the Fox in the two 50s views with the 30s version - several windows have appeared.
Looking back - 1990s

This photo, from the 1990s, is taken from much the same position as the 1930s one. And below is a closer view of the house in the foreground taken at a different time of day. This building is not all Georgian, as its appearance may suggest. It was quite common to build brick fronts like this onto much older, timber-framed buildings.
Looking back - 1990s

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